Buzet is a town with more than 6000 inhabitants placed in north part of Istria on limestone hill below the arable valley where flows river of Mirna.
The center of the cultural and educational institutions: schools, museums, and has an Open University.

Inhabited since prehistoric times and from 1421. is part of the Venetian possessions in Istria incorporated into the fort area in Istria. Venetians built in 1547 a grand door and small door to the town. In the 16th century were built palaces and houses of craftsmen and traders.

The parish church is built in 18th. century on the model of the Church of Umag.
Museum in the palace Bigara was established in 1963.
The economy is based on agriculture, metal industry, wood processing, and is best known as the town of truffles, Istrian delicacy known all over the world.
In addition to the various events associated with the king of mushrooms in Buzet held numerous events such as the encounter klapa of Istria and Kvarner, festival singing Buzestina, Subotina which attract each year more visitors to Buzet.